Thank You FreeGeek Vancouver!

We wanted to take a moment this week to acknowledge and thank an amazing supporter of LTX: Free Geek Vancouver.

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“Free Geek Vancouver is a non-profit community organization that reuses and recycles donated electronics, offers education and job skills training, and provides free or low-cost computers to the public.”

Since the very first LTX in 2017 Free Geek has been an integral part of putting on the event.  When we decided to do crazy activities like the “Case Toss”, Free Geek was the first place we thought of to help out.  And year over year, they have continued to be our go to place for tech parts to make fun activities, and games at LTX. This year with help from their volunteers, they have:

  • Provided hundreds of dead motherboards to use at the “Motherboard House of Cards” booth.

  • Provided 20+ cases to throw at the infamous “Case Toss”

  • Sourced 20+ computers for use in the “PC Build Workshop”

  • Sent us a number of unique motherboards for the “Guess That Motherboard” booth

  • Provided usable CRT monitors/tvs and potentially more items to help create a “Retro Gaming Lounge”

Honestly, it would have been difficult to find all this great stuff without the generous support of donations to Free Geek and the hard work of their volunteers to refurbish and store these items for use. It’s always great to know that some of this old or broken technology can still be used to bring joy to people attending LTX.  And afterward be recycled and used again!

They’re in a bit of a tough spot right now though, and could use your help to keep the doors open, and continue doing what they do. Check out their website:  to learn more about how you can contribute.