PC Building Workshop!

I remember the first time I built a PC back in 2012. Luke had to do about 85% of the work while I stared in confusion coming from my old school console life, preparing for the Error 37 catastrophe that was the Diablo 3 launch. It can be a tough job to build your first rig if you don’t know someone, or if you haven’t watched every YouTube video guide there is to it.

This is why we’re running a PC Building Workshop at LTX 2019, plus its fun! Maybe you have a desire to learn more about building PC’s, but have never had the chance to actually do it? Perhaps you’re an experienced builder who wants to learn more, or maybe you want to have some fun showing others how to build. Make sure to swing by our PC Building Workshop at LTX 2019 where we’ll have an instructor and helpers to run you through the complete process up until you actually turn power on to the PC.

So far we’ve partnered with iFixit, XFX, Freegeek, and others to help put together a sizable (~20 PC’s) collection of computer hardware for attendees to learn on. These configurations won’t blow you away, but they’re modern enough that the fundamentals are the same.

Maybe you want to take a more passive approach? We’ll have some of our Linus Tech Tips build guides playing on a display or two, as well as our instructors progress which you’ll be able to see and hear at the booth.

We hope to see you there!