Update on Volunteers

Do you want to help make LTX 2019 Featuring DreamHack a blockbuster success? Let’s do it! We need volunteers, and as it turns out, we need a LOT more volunteers than we initially thought…

This year to compensate for over triple the amount of people attending from 2018, as well as the increased space and activities, we need more help to make it happen. Also one of our goals is to ensure that all Linus Media Group members are able to hang and chit chat with y’all more on the show floor.

The way we’re structuring things is that either an LMG member or brand partner will be managing the overall operation of a booth, and volunteers will help as needed to make the area a success.  We’re looking for between 60 - 80 talented volunteers in total (Already have 20). Shifts will either be one 8 hour day, and one day to enjoy the show. Or a 4 hour shift each day and time to take part in the expo on the other half of the days. Duties will include: Scanning tickets, handing swag out, recording entries, answering questions, directing people, building PC’s, disassembling PC’s, running around, watching stuff, and more I’m sure. :P

All volunteers will receive:

  • Free admission to LTX (As described above; BYOC not included)

  • The LTX Merch Pack (Shirt, Pin, Lanyard)

  • Meals during your shift

  • Reference Letter from us for your help

  • Our undying gratitude

Apologies to the volunteer applicants that Jono and myself interviewed a few weeks ago, we will update you guys in May once we have a firmer grasp on schedules and how many people we need for each booth. If you already bought a ticket and we end up utilizing your service as a volunteer, we’ll process a refund on your ticket.

Apply to Volunteer Here: https://forms.gle/sruCguqWik1K6kqR6