BYOC Update & Last Call for Early Bird Pricing!

If you haven’t bought your LTX 2019 ft. DreamHack ticket yet, the time is now! Early Bird pricing officially ends Saturday, April 20th with Tier 2 prices taking effect at 12 noon PT.  A limited number of Saturday passes remain, and are selling fast. But don’t fret, there are a number of 2 Day, and Sunday passes still available!

Both event days run from 11am to 6pm with the BYOC going strong through Saturday night into Sunday.  At the main stage you’ll find different events and panels each day. And a number of the booths throughout the expo area will also have daily prizing for the assorted mini-games and activities.

Tier 2 Prices Effective 12 noon PT, April 20th:

1 Day Pass (Sat OR Sun) = $35 USD

2 Day Pass (Saturday AND Sunday) = $60 USD

BYOC + 2 Day Pass = $90 USD

That’s right! More BYOC seats will be available starting at noon April 20th! It took some creativity and a lot of tetris skills, but we were able to make room for 90 more BYOC seats! *just add an “ish” to anything unconfirmed you hear on the WAN show from Linus ;)  

Here’s an update from DreamHack on some of the BYOC activities:

We understand that some attendees prefer a very competitive environment while others enjoy a more relaxed atmosphere, so we’ve decided to provide both!


First off, we’ll be hosting between 3-6 competitive tournaments. Attendees will need to come prepared with pre-organized teams, ready to compete for trophies and prizes. The format, rule-set, and schedule for each tournament will be posted in advance so you have plenty of time to prepare your team. The first two games we are announcing for this format are Rainbow Six Siege (an LTT favorite) and Rocket League (a DreamHack favorite). The other games will be decided by popular vote via a survey that will be sent to the BYOC attendees after the BYOC sells out… again.


For anyone not interested in competitive tournaments, we’ll also be hosting plenty of casual pop-up events throughout the weekend as well. Some previous favorites include: one-hour build-offs in Minecraft and Terraria, private server free-for-alls in PUBG and Fortnite, and 32v32 brawls in Quake and UT… just to name a few.

There are under 100 days left to the event! Buy your tickets now at We’ll see you there :)