Invited Content Creators!

We’ve got some amazing content creators lined up to attend LTX 2019 Featuring DreamHack!

Here’s our list so far:

LTX FtCreators.jpg

Not pictured above because I’m a goofball is Greg from Science Studio! He’ll also be accompanying us, as well as a few others in the coming months.

These guys don’t have any commitments at the show, aside from showing up and hanging out, doing whatever they want to do. We will have a Meet & Greet booth for those that want to partake with scheduled meeting times, so you guys can make sure you get to meet your favorite creators. The schedule for that will be available in June.

Some content creators have expressed interest in partaking in on-stage panels covering different topics, and AkBKukU will have quite the display present at a booth showcasing some of his interesting, retro computer gear.

Make sure to check out all of these content creators channels:



Strange Parts:

Paul’s Hardware:

Gamers Nexus:

Tech Deals:

Austin Evans:


Barnacules Nerdgasm:




Science Studio:

Get your tickets today before prices increase next week at 12pm on April 20th: