State of Ticket Sales

Two weeks ago we opened ticket sales for LTX 2019 Featuring DreamHack, and we've been absolutely floored by the amazing response from this community. At the time of writing we’re completely sold out of the 250 office tours, 20 VIPs, 500 BYOC seats, and around 1,800 two-day event passes - that's over HALF of the tickets available for the convention.

For anyone worried about these numbers, we have a much larger space, more to do, regular events happening on the main stage over both days, plus the BYOC and FreePlay areas, so fear not - the event will be a blast for everyone involved.

Many of you expressed frustration that you weren't able to pick up a BYOC pass in time, and we're trying to serve that need by adding more seating - but to do so we have to revamp our layout and make sure we still meet our safety requirements. As soon as we have more details on this, we’ll let you know through social media and the WAN Show.

If you’re waiting to purchase a ticket (which we wouldn't recommend... again, over HALF of all available tickets are already spoken for), please note that prices will increase by about 20% with each consecutive wave. The dates for the next waves are currently:

April 20th

July 1st

If you’re interested in picking up a ticket, you can get them at 

See you all in 140 days! Next week we’ll have more to share on the activities and booth side of things.