10 Years of Gaming PC's Booth

Gaming PC’s are at the core of everything we do at Linus Tech Tips, so we want to showcase that. This year at LTX 2019 we’re partnering with LG, Seasonic, and probably Free Geek to secure enough parts to build 10 gaming machines, one for each year spanning 2009 - 2019. We’re not sure how “premium” each system is going to be, I guess it will depend on the parts that Anthony can find.

We’ll be creating between one to three Linus Tech Tips videos documenting the build process and highlighting each system, so stay tuned for those leading up to LTX.

At the event itself we’re going to have one long standing table with each system set up for people to game on and check out. We’re waiting on renders from the company we’re working with on this, but Linus drew up this handy blueprint of how he wants it to appear.


I know, I know - Linus should really think about switching careers with drawings like these.

I’ll list some of the games we’re thinking to have at the event for people to demo below:

PC Game Demos:

2009: Left 4 Dead 2 OR Dragon Age: Origins

2010: Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty OR Fallout: New Vegas

2011: Portal 2 OR Skyrim

2012: Far Cry 3 OR Need for Speed Most Wanted/ Hotline Miami

2013: Batllefield 4 OR State of Decay

2014: Dark Souls 2 OR Alien: Isolation

2015: Witcher 3 OR Fallout 4

2016: The Witness OR Overwatch

2017: Wolfenstein II OR Cuphead/PUBG

2018: Forza Horizon 4 OR Farcry 5

2019: Devil May Cry 5 OR Resident Evil 2 OR Apex: Legends

Stay tuned for these videos, as well as our display and demo at LTX 2019!