Escape VR

So for those of you who came out to previous LTX events, you already know how busy our VR space has always been.  Last year in particular, we didn’t really account for just how many people would wait in line to check it out. This year, we’ve made it a priority to have a bigger and better VR experience, featuring more systems, and more partners to help manage these systems. We’re working to ensure there are more opportunities to play all around.

That’s why we’re excited to have Escape VR join us this year at LTX 2019 ft. DreamHack!  They will be coming up from California with their team and bringing their escape room styled VR games with them.  Now we’re still working on all the final details, but we can confirm they will be in a 30’ x 40’ space on the floor.  With different multiplayer experiences, there is the possibility for one large game, or 2 smaller grouped games within the space. All games will be able to have roughly 2-6 people playing at a time, allowing more people the opportunity to try out VR at once.

If you want to check out what types of games could potentially be there, head over to their website:

And stay tuned for updates on additional VR opportunities coming soon, as well as other fun booths!