LTX 2019 Booth List - First Look!

In this blog post we’ll break down some of what we’ve got in terms of preliminary LTT-specific booth ideas for LTX 2019. Booths in this list WILL change, so please keep that in mind. We’re aiming for a fun mixture of games, tech experiences, displays, challenges, and workshops


Performance vs. Cost Test Zone - Play on Gaming vs. Non-Gaming, set things up and let people experience the differences for themselves.

Headphone Testing Zone - This is exactly what it sounds like.

VR - MORE VR Experiences, of any kind really.

VR RC Car Race? - We want to rig up a system with a cockpit and headset where people can race, but ACTUALLY race an RC car IRL in the venue.

Escape Room?

BSMods - TBD, but they’re maniacs so it’ll be something crazy I’m sure.


CPU Delidding Workshop - Bring a CPU, sign a waiver and we’ll give you what you need to delid it.

GPU Disassembly/Re-Pasting Workshop - Credit to Steve from Gamers Nexus for this one.

PC Building Workshop - The complete process, we want to have like 10 - 15 stations set up with a teacher and few helpers to guide people through.


Desk Setup Challenge - Whoever can build the sickest desk setup with the parts we provide within the time limit could win a prize.

Blindfolded Cable Management - Teams of 2 where one person guides the other who is blindfolded. We’ll be expanding the number of stations for this one.

Case Toss - An LTX classic at this point. This time there MIGHT be two lanes, many more cases, which will be bubble wrapped so they last longer and make it fairer for those who participate earlier in the day.

LTT Editing Den - Think YOU can do it better? We’ll have stations set up for people to edit an LTT video within a specific time frame. Participants will win a prize and we’ll have a grand prize for whoever does it best.

House of Cards - Motherboards - How high can you stack your motherboards? The top 5 - 10 for each day will win… A MOTHERBOARD (And possibly other stuff as well).

Minesweeper Competition - Props to those who spent almost the entirety of LTX 2018 trying to beat the records set by others. This year we’ll be expanding and offering even more ridiculous prizes to those that can top the leader-boards.

Guess that Motherboard - Wall of painted motherboards, guess a certain number of them correctly and you’ll win a prize.


Retro Console Gaming Area - Lots of classic consoles will be set up for people to play.

Board Game Lounge Area - An area for people to chill, with board games set up.

+DreamHack BYOC

+DreamHack FreePlay


System Showcase - SI’s, partners, enthusiasts, modders. We’ll be showing off whatever cool stuff we can get at LTX 2019.

10 Years of PC’s - I’m so stoked for this one. We’re going to build PC’s for each year, spanning from 2009 - 2019. Each PC year will be built using components from that year, which will then be at LTX 2019 on display for people to use and look at.

Vintage PC Showcase - We might be teaming up with another YouTuber (Akbkuku), to show off his personal vintage PC collection. It’s pretty nuts, go check the channel out regardless.

CNC Demo - Not confirmed, but we might have someone with a CNC machine at the venue to CNC stuff.


+DreamHack Indie Dev Zone

+Charity Silent Auction

+Where is Luke? Scavenger Hunt

+Creator Meet Up Area

+Main Stage


+Impromptu Events

And MORE to come as well! We’re in the process of working with brand partners to figure out fun stuff for people to see and do at the event. :D

See you there! If you have any questions, hit us up on or submit a question here through the site.