Hotel Accommodations & Options


When looking for somewhere to stay for your trip to LTX 2019 x DreamHack, first and foremost please remember that WE DO NOT HAVE LYFT OR UBER! They’ve teased the idea a few times, but so far no dice.  Luckily, you can get most places in Downtown Vancouver in roughly a 20-30 minute walk max. And if that’s not your style there are always taxis or public transit as great options. (See last week’s post for a link to help plan your route.)

Last Week’s Post:

I took a look for places to stay for 2 adults for 2 nights and there are a lot of options that can vary pretty dramatically in price.  If being less than a stone’s throw away from the venue is important to you, there are a few 4.5 or 5 star hotels available from $600-800/night. Within about a 10 minute walk the price drops slightly to between $400-500/night. The rest of the Downtown Vancouver area becomes a bit of a mixed bag, ranging anywhere from $80/night hostels to hotels in the $300 range. If you’re interested in Airbnbs, there are options from single rooms to full apartments in the $125-350 range.

Now if you don’t mind traveling a little there are more budget friendly options outside of the main Downtown Vancouver area roughly 40 minutes or less by transit. In Vancouver and just to the east in Burnaby, Airbnbs and hostels drop as low as $50/night and hotels stay in that $300-ish range. Richmond, just south of Downtown, is very similar with hotels for roughly $200-400/night and many room options for under $100/night.  

One important thing I did forget to mention last week is that the Skytrain does not run 24/7. The exact hours vary depending on the station but it opens at roughly 5am with the last train going around 1am Monday-Saturday and 12am on Sundays.

See you guys again next week!