LTX 2019. Bigger and Better.

For previous years, our most important goal for LTX was to put on a fun event first and foremost. Being new to the whole event thing, we ended up having a lot of randomness; things were fun, but we ended up with a bit of an identity crisis. This year, things are going to be MUCH more fun and engaging, but more focused as well.

Here’s what we’re doubling down on this year:

  1. Tech (+ Gaming)

  2. Community

  3. Creators

Right now we’re in the process of locking down the first draft of our event layout. Plus we’ve figured out most of the crazy booth ideas for the event and are now in the process of contracting companies to build them. Some returning booth favorites include the Case Toss (it’ll be fairer, we promise), and Blindfolded Cable Management, as well as new ideas like our Gaming Setup Challenge, Headphone Testing Zone, and a complete hands-on PC Building Workshop. We’re hoping to end up with at least 50 booths this year, plus more cool stuff to see and do so queue times aren’t nearly as extreme. More displays and projects will be present, which will include some really cool themed builds and things of that nature. There’s even talk of a Preparty or Afterparty this year!

And of course there’s DreamHack’s involvement! They’ll be handling our 400+ BYOC, FreePlay Zone, plus more to be announced at a later date. You can bet you’ll see quite a few of the LMG crew at these areas.

On-stage we plan to include more segments throughout both days like panels, Q&As, and a few surprises so there’s never a dull moment. A top priority for us is to make sure the audio and visual are better quality and allows more people to enjoy from all around the event. Plus, we’re contracting a team to help live stream parts of the event as well, so those at home can get a sneak peek at what’s going on.

We’re in the super early stages of gauging creator involvement as well. Having JayzTwoCents, Barnacules, and Steve from Gamers Nexus at LTX 2018 was a blast, so that’s definitely something we want to expand upon.

There will be much more to come regarding all of these things at a later date! If you have any concerns, questions, or suggestions for LTX, drop us a line.

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