Learn how to build a computer from start to finish! If you’ve never done this before, you’ll get a chance to at LTX 2019. Our team will also be offering a CPU Delidding workshop, as well as teaching people how to disassemble and re-paste their GPU’s - Thanks to Steve from Gamers Nexus for the idea!

Challenges & Games

How far can you toss a PC Case? How good are you at cable managing? What about building a massive tower of Motherboards? These are just some of the fun challenges and games that we’re going to have present at LTX 2019. Alongside this we’ll also have a retro console area, VR, board games, and LTT Editing Den where we’ll challenge YOU to throw together an LTT video for a chance to win some awesome gear.


Main Stage

LTX 2019’s stage activities include “Industry Insight” panels with Linus and representatives from various companies in the tech industry, as well as panels with other content creators, gaming tournaments, awards, unboxings, and of course - WAN Show.


Are you new to PC gaming? We’re building 10 PC’s to highlight each year for the past 10 of PC gaming. We’ll have these systems set up, and loaded with a top game from that year for people to play. Ever seen a CNC machine? We’ll have that as well. You’ll also get to see some of YouTube creator AkBKukU’s wicked retro PC collection, flagship PC’s from modders and SI’s, and more.


DreamHack BYOC

This is the “Bring Your Own Computer (BYOC) Local Area Network (LAN).” Hang out with some friends, strangers - and LMG crew! This isn’t your usual hang-out-for-the-day event, you can stay day and night.


DreamHack Freeplay

PC games, and things you’ve never played will be open for you to try. This is for the people that don’t want to bring a PC to the event, just grab a seat and play.


DreamHack Indie Playground

To find the most innovative and mind-blowing gaming experiences, look to the indies. These games are made with buckets of love because the teams often range from just a dozen people to as few as one, meaning they’re dedicating oodles of time to developing. If you’re an Indie developer and are interested in being at the event, please fill out the application below.

DreamHack Stream Studio

We'll have at least 8 stations set up for you to stream live to all your followers directly from the show floor. Applications are open now! Fill out the form below.

LTX 2019 Map & Booths

  • DreamHack BYOC

  • DreamHack FreePlay

  • DreamHack Stream Studio

  • DreamHack Indie Playground

  • LTX 2019 Main Stage

  • Meet & Greet

  • Razer

  • Photobooth

  • Kanto

  • Extra Life Silent Auction

  • CableMod Blindfolded Cable Management

  • Vertagear Chair Building

  • Arcade

  • Gaming at Every Price Point

  • Shaw

  • i-Exit

  • PC Building Workshop

  • Free Geek

  • Retro Gaming Lounge

  • Vintage PC Area

  • Merch Booth

  • Escape VR

  • Gladiator Jousting

  • Motherboard House of Cards

  • VR RC Cars

  • Board Game Lounge

  • MSI

  • Memory Express

  • NZXT

  • Sewell

  • BS Mods

  • Editing Den

  • In Win

  • Minesweeper

  • The Gaming Stadium

  • CPU Delidding

  • GPU Repasting

  • World Map

  • Gigabyte

  • Case Toss

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Saturday, July 27th @ Main Stage

11:30 - Welcome to LTX 2019 featuring DreamHack! w/Linus Tech Tips

12:00 - Best Processor to Pick in 2019 w/Austin Evans, Jayztwocents, Anthony

13:00 - PC Do's and Don'ts w/ Hardware Canucks, Level1Techs, Jake

14:00 - Industry Insights w/MSI

15:00 - Family Feud

16:00 - Running a YouTube Business - The Early Years w/ Linus Tech Tips, Strange Parts, EposVox

17:00 - WAN Show LIVE

Sunday, July 28th @ Main Stage

11:00 - DreamHack BYOC System Awards

11:30 - Q&A With LMG Part 1: Creative

12:00 - Q&A With LMG Part 2: Business

13:00 - World of Warships Tournament

14:30 - PC vs. Mac w/ Luke, Snazzy Labs, Gamers Nexus

15:30 - Budget vs. Performance w/Linus Tech Tips, TechDeals, PedroPCMR

17:30 - Awards Ceremony

18:00 - Farewell!